Our Agenda

Body Culture is a center and studio for Pilates exercise in the Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone. The studio’s director is Rajul (Mozaique) Vardi. It is large and spacious, features natural light, and has a subtle and warm design. The studio is equipped with the best Pilates equipment, as well as other facilities, all of which are upgraded frequently.

Body Culture offers discipline-specific classes as well as interdisciplinary classes. You can experience all types of Pilates activities and train with an extremely wide array of methods and equipment: equipment Pilates, mat Pilates, standing Pilates, dance Pilates, Yogalates, power Pilates, Pilates roller, ball, skateboard (orbit), trampoline, resistance bands, wheels, and weights.

At Body Culture we emphasize many different aspects of Pilates exercise:

• Pilates as a body culture – methods for long-term healthy physical conduct.
• Pilates as exercise that meets spiritual-physical-cultural needs – body shaping, strengthening, flexibility, proper posture, easy movement, height.
• Pilates as a way to learn about and understand how the body functions – anatomy and physiology.
• Aerobic activity within the Pilates body culture.
• Breathing – breathing control, linking movement with breathing, understanding breathing as a primary factor in motor ability.
• Management of the body’s energy resources.
• Center-periphery relations in the body.
• Memory improvement and training.
• Acrobatics.
• Interface with other body cultures that have subsumed Pilates within them: Yogalates, power Pilates, dance Pilates..
• The link between Pilates and other exercise and/or everyday activities.
• Pilates for rehabilitation.
• Understanding the body-soul connection as intensive and integral.
• And most important – fun, enjoyment, pleasure, and creativity through physical activity in general, and Pilates in particular.



Body Culture is a Pilates studio operating in the Herzliya Pituach

משכית 13, הרצליה