Body Culture is a Pilates studio operating in the Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone since 2004. The studio director is Rajul (Mozaique) Vardi, a dancer and choreographer who has been teaching Pilates since 1995. Rajul started out as a Pilates instructor at the Dalia Mantver Pilates Studio, and has been teaching in Herzliya Pituach since 1998. The studio is located in a spacious, airy, and well-lit industrial loft that offers a large variety of exercises with an extensive array of equipment and apparatuses. The studio is equipped with the best Pilates equipment, as well as other facilities, all of which are upgraded frequently.
The Body Culture studio associates with a Pilates school of thought that aims for unceasing innovation and invention. Pilates also evolves, and a perusal of Joseph Pilates’ writings clearly shows that he also saw things this way. These are not just exercises – it is a comprehensive worldview whose goals are realized through the exercises. Within this worldview, an infinite number of exercises can be created. At Body Culture we are in favor of continual rethinking and invention, along with upholding the essential values of the Pilates system.
We perceive Pilates, as our name implies, as a type of body culture. And we perceive the body as including within it also the soul. At Body Culture we relate to this body-soul unit as an integrated, intensive, vital, and continually-developing unit.
As our classes take place in small groups, with the size chosen by the participants themselves based on their needs and abilities, great emphasis is placed on those individual needs and abilities.
At Body Culture we learn, among other things, that it is not “age” that is responsible for the body’s condition. We learn that responsibility for the body’s condition rests with the brain guiding it, and that what we do with our time and how we use our body – these are the things that will determine our body’s condition. We learn that it is spiritual pains that are translated into physical pains, and spiritual injuries into physical injuries. We also learn how we can attempt to improve quality of life through the practice of proper body culture, for which Joseph Pilates laid a broad and flexible foundation. At Body Culture, we never stop developing and advancing this body culture, we adjust the body culture and update it for current lifestyles, and allow it to address our way of life. We nurture the points at which our lifestyle intersects with the body culture worldview, and we try to make it an influential factor in our lives today, and on the way of life we try to anticipate that the future holds.



Body Culture is a Pilates studio operating in the Herzliya Pituach

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